Cry me a river!

Why do I feel like I want to cry?

Okay too late I’m crying…
Anyone else?


Before I get into this post lets just look at the stereotype of a pregnant woman. Hormonal, irrational, crazy, tired… The list goes on really, not too many positives come along when you think of pregnancy other than the baby at the end? Well fuck you very much stereotype because me fighting the expectations of my behaviour during pregnancy has really just made me feel worse.

*big middle finger* 

No one wants to be the crazy pregnant lady, randomly crying into the washing up for no reason, your partner avoiding you in the other room because he just doesn’t know how to deal with you and whats wrong. To be honest I don’t know why I’m crying either mate so thats the both of us!
Pregnancy brings about a whole new meaning to feeling emotional, not only is it extremely overwhelming being faced with emotions on steroids but fucking draining. As if I wasn’t tired enough! 
I down played how I felt over the last few weeks way too much, work was stressing me out with a combination of cutting down my hours randomly and then not paying me properly. (Story for another post). On top of that trying to be on top of housework and life in general was pushing me close to exhaustion but I didn’t want to address it.

I’m sure I’m not the only woman who doesn’t want to fit into the stereotype no doubt reinforced by non pregnant people. I didn’t want to sit down and cry for no reason even though thats what my body wanted to do. I want to be normal. Tbh I wasn’t too normal pre pregnancy so as close to normal as I was before lol.
So I called up work and said *Big Sean voice* ‘I DONT FUCK WIT YOOOOOU’! (In my head). Really I said I need a few days off I’ll see you on Monday. Since then I have done so much nothing that if nothingness made the world go around and paid my bills I’d be sorted for life.

My lesson this week – Be pregnant, relax, own the stereotype, cry randomly/ be emotional, when I finally let go and admitted defeat I came home from work and had a beautiful bunch of roses and a ‘Mummy’ teddy waiting for me from my amazing life partner who gets it right way more than he gives himself credit for.


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