Move over Khaleesi! I’m the real Queen of fire!

I wear my crown as Queen of the fire with pride 👑🔥

daenerys targaryen fire game of thrones.png
I am yet to find a dish that challenges my taste buds, heat is my thing. So far this baby has made my need for spicy food go crazy. And yes I said NEED because I have never been so inclined to eat well seasoned spicy food as much as I have since being pregnant. I come from a mixed background of English and Nigerian and would like to thank my Mum for my love for fire! From a young age and I mean young, my Mum has never cooked and left out anything she wouldn’t eat herself just because her little ones were eating it too. After a few years with the assistance of a large glass of milk to help reduce the gentle throbbing in my lips caused by chilli I am now a fully competent chilli demolisher!

Which brings me on to the point of this blog, when do you introduce spicy food to a baby? 

It’s something that I guess a lot of research and mothers instinct will have to decide when baby lead weaning commences.

What are your plans for when its time to introduce the little one to spicy foods? It did make me giggle to think of a jar of jerk chicken and rice baby food sitting on a supermarket shelf alongside the mostly bland meals they offer babies. Vindaloo curry baby food? Oh I can see the outrage now haha.

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