Trump + Brexit. What it means for my little one.


2016, you’ve kept us all on our toes thats for sure! 
Over the last few years I have become a lot more conscious of my surroundings, I put this down to growing up and maturing. I’m sure my parents and boyfriend would laugh at the idea that I was a grown up but I’ve definitely made some improvements from rolling out of westend clubs all hours of the morning, being a regular at Mayflower and managing to sleep through to 3pm with ease.



The transition has lead me to fall in love with politics, its just gangs in suits instead of stone island puffas loitering outside betting shops.

Nothing is more satisfying than the backwards and forwards between parties ripping eachother to pieces. Its just a posh brawl. Coupled with my addiction to Scandal my eyes are now fully open to the workings of the world.

The last year has seen the unexpected happen on such a scale we’ve all had a point where we’ve had to pick our jaw up from the floor. The media seem to be thriving by fuelling the hate and animosity in the public, putting us against each other in the us vs them battle. Although I’m quite sure no one actually knows who ‘them’ are… The unemployed, disabled and most vulnerable in our society have been painted as crooks and scroungers to enable the people at the top to make cruel cuts without us batting an eyelid.


The most manipulative in this world have managed to tap into their holy grail, emotions. By making people feel overwhelming emotion about the bogus issues that are supposedly plighting the economy and country they have managed to sell us anything.

My dear child.

I actually had a moment of regret for choosing this point in my life to have a child. I look around and the hostility and anger that surrounds me is not what I want for my sweet innocent baby. How do I explain one day that travelling to the USA may not be a good idea because some people still don’t understand that skin colour makes us no different. When do I pick the right time to sit down and talk about why although their countries have been torn apart we refuse to assist people fleeing the most horrific conditions. When this information is plastered everywhere and there is a rise in cases of anxiety in children how do I protect my mini me from the evils of this world whilst still empowering them with the knowledge of doing right?

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