Wiggles & Curly Whiskers

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Customer service.
A rare concept to most workers in the sectors that require this non strenuous skill. Pretend to care, thats all you have to do really, see it as you living the Hollywood dream, its all acting just behind a desk and in front of a ‘I want to speak to your manager’ wanker.
I’m a customer service whore, treat me well and you can literally sell me anything! We all know that pregnancy = irrational spending, its not that hard to take my money, you could probably take the money right out my purse and into your back pocket without me batting an eyelid.
That said lets move on to the topic of this post, Wiggles and Curly Whiskers. I came across this small business when a friend posted some pictures of her son in the cutest baby clothes that made my ovaries combust. That was click bait enough for me to end up on Wiggles and Curly Whiskers Facebook page compiling a mental list of all the items that were about to make me very broke. I sent a message enquiring about the order process and that is when I had the pleasure of talking to Sasha the owner and seamstress that creates little clothing packages of sunshine!
Sasha makes high quality customisable hand made baby to toddler clothing, all styles are available in the most beautiful and captivating prints that quite frankly make you wish you were 5 again because running around in a kids romper would 100% get me arrested 😂
To cut a long story short Sasha’s customer service was perfect, I’m sure I wasn’t the only person she was attending to as she had to close her books due to demand. When I collected all the pieces I had ordered I was over the moon! My baby will look like a mini unicorn with all the bright print fabrics I’d chosen! #UnicornPower
The attention to detail is impeccable and no doubt you will see posts of my mini me on your timeline in the most elaborate in micro-fashion and just know it will always be from Wiggles and Curly Whiskers!

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