Day 2/180

So today I have managed to stay away from unhealthy food, go me! I’ve been making sure that my fridge is fully stocked with ready to eat fruit, preparing it all takes forever but well worth it when you have fresh pineapple and yoghurt on hand instead of crap.
‘Babe I’m really getting into this fruit stuff you know, we should keep doing this’ 
Thats what my boyfriend said to me last night, decoded what he really meant was ‘Babe, keep buying fruit and preparing it so I can eat it when I want’ #subtle
I also had a really open discussion with my boyfriend about my aims for my 180 days. He helped me narrow down what exactly I was hoping to get from it as well as throwing in some sarky comments such as ‘How are you going to get to know yourself? Don’t you know who you are already’?. The first two on my list are…

-Understanding my body and how it works. 

During the next 6 months I’ll be avoiding makeup as much as possible and getting to know my skin, I’ll also be growing out my eyebrows. It occurred to me that the last time I saw my eyebrows in their most natural form was probably 10 years ago. Sad right! It’s going to be a struggle especially with Christmas, my baby shower AND my birthday coming up in the next 6 months but I believe in me so I WILL do it… I hope…
Since I was young I have suffered from eczema and it became a lot worse when I moved out, I put this down to my mum having the perfect combination of washing powder, soaps, bedding etc and basically being amazing and babying me. I need to take more care and have done since becoming pregnant as the creams I use to treat flair ups are steroid based. I recently made the switch to using soap nuts instead of detergent and MY GOD THEY ARE A BLESSING! I paid around £15 for a large bag and I’m only a third of the way through 2 months later. Value for money! You can find the brand that I use here if you’re interested.

– Meditation and self reflection.

I will be spending a minimum of 15 minutes at the end of the day reflecting on how my day went and mentally filing everything that has happened. By addressing all of my thoughts and problems at the time they won’t linger and clutter my mind the next day, allowing me to start each day afresh.

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