Bump update – Week 32

Ohh little bump, you arent so little anymore! 
I feel like I waited and waited until my bump was really big to fall in love with it, to feel like something was really happening and now I’m 8months in and feel like I neglected my mini bump when I had it. Sorry mini bump 😦

As a first time mum you can’t wait to feel baby kick or look pregnant in a ‘yes, yes I am amazing and growing a whole real life baby in here’ kind of way. But, I think I skipped or at least didn’t acknowledge the journey I was on to get to those moments. And let me tell you! Once you do get that big bump everything slows down, that item you just dropped on the floor is no longer really important because anything that means you have to bend down is basically in Narnia now, just say goodbye to it lol.

Baby is super active at the moment and its so comforting to know that little one is there, although it does feel like starjumps are top of the to do list, nothing says hey mum like a foot jammed in the ribs. Cute huh. 

We have an active routine at the moment and I can know when to expect baby to being rolling around and having a party in there. I feel as though the routine is slightly going out the window though just as I’ve gotten used to it as baby’s activity levels are increasing to the point where the gaps in between are shortening  so much and I think to myself do you actually sleep or get any rest mate? 

Nesting has been in full swing and all baby clothes are organised and put away. Why I’ve put them away when they still have to go through the wash I dont know, but I found it soothing and really reflective. Its crazy to think that I’ll soon have someone so tiny to put in these clothes, the socks are just so small I can’t get over it! 
As part of my 180 I’ve upped my water intake and seem to average 4 visits a night to the loo. On top of that my bump feels really tender to touch and generally I don’t want to be touched, held or around anyone including poor baby daddy who I’m sure feels a little neglected. 

Roll on week 33, so close to my due date yet so far! 

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