Maternity leave & the power of the female body. 

Oh I can’t wait! February 10th is my last working day! After working my butt off the last 8months I feel like I deserve at least 2 consecutive days in bed. Or 3, maybe 4… Depends when Baby Daddy puts his foot down and makes me go have a wash and change my clothes haha. 

Can we take a minute to REAAAALLY acknowledge the strength, determination and all round BEAUTY that is the female being. 

Without wanting to sound bias because I love females and everything we stand for, we fucking rock. It didn’t occur to me until my maternity leave was round the corner that I have faced so many challenges while pregnant. Some may be overlooked as small but combined I have achieved great things! And you my fellow female have too, pregnant or not! 

My job as a renal technician involves a lot of bending, lifting and carrying awkard items around while setting up treatment for my patients. Often I have cramped spaces to work in as I’m in the community and in my patients homes, I have a few patients I visit that require me to carry stock from a shed at the end of the garden and up two+ flights of stairs. All this being said I haven’t taken a day off due to being pregnant! I worked my butt off and didn’t cut down my hours, the opposite infact I picked up more! When was the last time you sat back and gave yourself credit for being able to carry on as normal even at your worst? Whether its pregnancy, period related or any of the many other issues that only affect females, at some point you would have kept going because you know what, you have to. And you don’t get an ounce of credit for it, well here it is. 

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