The backwards concept of pregnancy.

I’m tired. I worked all day, did a food shop and then proceeded to clean just about every inch of my home. Like the Queen I am I then made dinner, sat down to eat dinner, and then baby said no.

No mum tonight dinner is going to make you feel sick. 

Its funny how this  pregnancy business works, all logic is out the window and non existent.

Hungry? Well lets make you feel sick.

Tired? Here have some insomnia to go with that.

Got some energy to actually do social activities? Voila! swollen feet to assist with your shopping trip with the girls.

But as frustrating as it is the joys are incomparable. As I lay here in bed feeling sick, very hungry because dinner just would not go down, tired yet wide awake I get the *nudge nudge*.

Mums will know what I mean, its the “I’m awake now mum” nudge you get before your belly begins to ripple and it all is forgotten. (For now).  Just like that. Sleep? What is a sleep?! Sleep and food is for the weak!! Who needs sleep when I’ve (literally) got a belly full of love.
Faridah x

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