180 days of well being and happiness. Day 1/180

180 days of well being and happiness. Baby moon inspired!

Riding a Camel in Marrakesh, totally relaxed and away from normal life. Where my 180 day challenge was formed.
That brings us to June 1st 2017, 6 months from now, 3 months either side of babies arrival!
I am now 27 weeks (nearly 28) pregnant and as each day passes I have realised just how important it is to be at peace with yourself before the birth of my little one. Everyday we project our feelings, emotions and current mind state onto those around us with out even realising. Its natural and a way of communicating our needs with the rest of the world no matter how open or closed you choose to be with it. I want to master my wellbeing and let in as much positive energy as I can in the final stretch on my pregnancy.
Each pregnancy is so unique, the changes you might experience with one child may not happen with the next.

So how in tune are you with how your body is adapting? 

I feel like I’ve overlooked some of the small changes and not taken the time when bump is wiggling around to sit back and solely concentrate on baby. I’m missing out before its even started! I’ve rushed round trying to fit in as much as I can before my due date and forgotten to just chill out, put my feet up and relax.
My goals for this 180 days are to love me for me, really take the time to get to know myself and be happy! I have a limited time before mini me appears and the chaos begins, no doubt I will be teary and tired, but will getting to grips with myself beforehand have a positive impact on this? I’m hoping that through meditation, taking me time more seriously, working on a positive body image and strengthening my communication with my boyfriend I can have the smoothest transition into motherhood. I also believe that after giving birth it will be a target for me to look forward to and remind me to keep looking after myself which will ultimately filter down to how I look after my child.
My 180 days began Friday 2nd December, I will be posting updates everyday and the outcome of my journey at the end! 

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