The BABY MOON! Week 26.

Pregnancy Week 26 – Jet-setting without the jet!

Week 26 was spent on holiday, a well overdue holiday! I’m calling this one our baby moon because there was no way I was giving birth without first having a last blow out with the baby daddy! (I say blow out but we all know I was in bed by 9pm each night). The trip was really for my boyfriends birthday, he said once upon a time that he’d prefer not to spend his birthday in the country  and every year his wish is my command and he gets a gift of a holiday. So far we have travelled to Amsterdam x 2, Madeira, Prague and now Marrakesh!
Birthday breakfast 🙂
We travelled to the exotic land of Morocco, Africa I’m home! This was my boyfriends first trip to Africa and I was super excited for him as I’d already travelled to Nigeria countless times as most of my family is there.
I’ve got my very FIRST vlog in the editing stages which will be uploaded this weekend. I faced a few obstacles while travelling and being heavily pregnant and wanted to share how to get around them as well as some of the mesmerising footage we shot while out there!
Bump update.
Bump has built up a routine over the last week, the wake/active periods are slowly getting longer and longer. The movements this week feel a lot heavier that week 26 which is really surprising as it seems to have happened over night. Hulk baby?
Kicks have been more widely spread across my belly now which amazes me, up by the ribs then two in the lower abdomen. It feels like I’m fast running out of space so the next few months will be an eye opener as to how well I can expand!
I have been able to eat loads of fresh food while away which means my stomach has been less sensitive than normal and my water consumption has been through the roof! My plan is to slowly cut out sugar wahh but I know its best for me. Its ridiculous how over processed the food we eat is and the reality  of how unhealthy your diet can be without realising was shocking. In Marrakesh all meals were made fresh to order, no salt, no stock cubes, just fresh seasoning and ingredients. You could immediately tell the difference and it has inspired my cooking style to become more minimal and natural based. I’ve just uploaded my 180 day journey blog, look out for the daily posts with recipes and the changes I’ve made to lifestyle habits based on this trip, so make sure you’re following to stay updated.

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