Why Cantu can’t be the one for me 

I had such high expectations, thats probably where I went wrong 😦 

Lets reflect together shall we?

Cantu is a afro haircare brand I’ve been seeing everywhere, you name the social media site and someone will be raving about it. Now I told myself that the amount I spend on hair extensions and hair gadgets I need to start spending on haircare products. Whatever I was previously spending on makeup I need to start spending on skincare products, sounds simple enough right? Well, unfortunately no. 
I did my big chop in 2012, my hair had been ravaged by relaxer, coloured to within an inch of its life and weaved like the slay god himself did it. This meant my hair was limp, dry, uneven and basically very very shit. So I chopped it off, didn’t think much of it and lets just say my new boyfriend at the time did a double take. God bless him he stuck around and got promoted to baby daddy despite my little fro. 

Anyway back to my natural hair journey! I grew out my hair with minimal damage for a long time but recently my curl pattern change around the front of my hair where you could see I had clearly straightened it too much. Insert tears here. 

Creme of Nature Argan Oil products were my go to but clearly I needed to put down the heat and try a few new things. Enter stage left, Cantu. The pictures of peoples hair once using Cantu products will make you think Jesus said a special blessing for them, curls in perfect formation, no straggley bits or frizz! So off I trot to Paks to ball out on Cantu, firstly, my friends at Cantu, WHY YOU CHARGE SO MUCH?! I spent a cool £80 on a mix of a few products, to name a couple, the deep treatment mask, complete conditioning cowash, moisturizing curl activator and comeback curl something or other. Tbh just going into the bathroom to look at what they’re called has pissed me off because the bright green price stickers are looking me dead in the eye reminding me of the money I wasted. Insert more tears here. 
Come wash day I was ready to goooooo, I was ready to be a babe and take selfies. Oh boy was I disappointed 😔 

Cantu dried out my hair and left it limp and stringy. I waited and waited, air dried my hair and still no luck. What step did I miss? Did I use too much? Did I use too little? 

It would be irresponsible of me to blame Cantu for the products not working, because they clearly do but just not for me. I took the time to try and work out why they didnt work for me, after some googling of the products and looking at some other natural beautys on social media I found @HoneyBlondeGigi. 

Not only is she stunning, have the most GORGEOUS hair but she helped educate me on where I went wrong. If you scroll through her lifesaver pictures you will see a short run down of what products she uses, how they work and why they work for her. Needless to say I now have a better idea of what will work for my hair, I need light weight products with minimal hold and to not over do it with products. Cantu products were way to heavy for my hair and this is where it all went down hill. 

The next brand I’m putting to the test is Shea Moisture, and after breaking the bank once again I’ll be reviewing them next week 🙂 

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